How to do Vajrasana and its Health Benefits

Vajrasana is also called or Diamond pose. It is sitting pose of yoga and easy to do for everyone in this pose you bend your knees and sit on your calf muscles and the inner side of heals. Vajrasana is the best pose for meditation and benefits are improving the digestion system.


How to do Vajrasana and its steps

Before starting, please watch the Vajrasana video for more understanding then read the following steps carefully, so you don’t make any mistake.


  • Bend both legs and place it under the hip so that the heels are turned outwards and the feet claws are attached to the buttocks.
  • Put your thighs and your body weight on your calf muscles and the inner side of heels.
  • In this situation, the toes of the feet are touch with each other.
  • Keep the waist and head straight. Knees have met each other.
  • Put the hands on the knees and breath gently during the pose.
  • Hold the Position breath gently and focus on your breath and body.


You can do this Vajrasana in three ways, first for yoga,  secondly is after the meal and, Third for Meditation. 

In Yoga session – If you are trying this pose during your yoga session then you can do this pose for 2 to 5 minutes.

After the Meal – Hold the position as long as you can hold and breathe gently. Hold for at least 1-2 Minutes. Do only one Cycle.

Meditation – No Limit

Tadasana – Increase Height and Improve Blood Circulation.

Beginner’s guide

Vajrasana is a simple pose of yoga so everybody can do this position without any problem. If you are doing this pose in beginning, it may possible that you are not able to sit in Vajrasana for a long time or may feel some pain in your back pain or legs. But when you are practising this pose daily you are able to sit in Vajrasana for a long time without any pain comfortably.
Don’t force your body to sit in Vajrasana for a long time because it may be harmful to you and minimise the benefits so it’s important that you sitting in this pose according to your body capability in beginning.


Who don’t do

  • Concern to your doctor if you have knee or hip injury
  • Pregnant women keep slightly different in their knees during practice
  • If you are suffering from any specific injury like a hernia, small or large intestine, intestinal ulcers, spinal column ailments on the lower vertebrate then consult your doctor first or under practice under the yoga teacher.


  • Vajrasana is the only pose which you can perform this after the Meal.


After practising this Vajrasana you can feel the pain in your thighs and back pain in starting. You don’t get the immediate result, continue this at least two weeks.You may not be comfortable in starting Because your body needs time to adopt this Pose. If after 2 Weeks you feel any specific problem in your Body then stop doing this Pose.

Chakrasana – For Restore the flexibility of Spinal Cord.

Vajrasana Benefits

  • Vajrasana is a meditation pose which removes the Versatility of mind.
  • If you do this pose after taking your meal then it will be helpful in improving the digestion and eliminate
  • Indigestion, acidity, gas, and constipation problems.
  • Strength the back and help in relieves from the lower back pain and sciatica.
  • Strengthens the pelvic muscles too which help in increase sex power for both men and women’s.
  • Eliminate the Knee Pain.
  • Reduce Menstrual Cramps.
  • Help in Lose Weight.

Congratulations, now you become the master of Vajrasana.

Naukasana –  For remove Belly Fat and Toned Legs


I take all references from the Yoga Guru (Teacher) Baba Ramdev Teaching.

Note – Proper science working behind all the poses this pose tested and verified result by the Millions of People. This website focus on delivering only the true, best and correct information to you. We don’t post our article just by the reference of other websites and books, first tested by itself or practice by Million’s People.

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