How to do Savasana (Corpse Pose) and Its Health Benefits

Savasana is the most important pose of yoga and uses for rest and mind relaxation. You do this pose in starting, ending or anytime you can do this pose in your yoga session. When you feel you are tired you can do Savasana. No limit even you can do Savasana after each poses for relaxing your body.

How to do Savasana and its steps

Savasana (Corpse Pose)


  • Lie down flat on your back as you see in the image above.
  • Keep difference in your feet which suits to your body and arm alongside to your buttocks with little spread away and palms facing up.
  • Leave your body freely without any tension in your body.
  • Close eyes and breath deeply and slowly through the nostrils.
  • Focus on your breath and body only.
  • Remain in Savasana according to suitation.



  • If you are doing Savasana in starting or end of yoga session for relaxing then you do this for 2-20 Minute until your body doesn’t become active again.
  • If you doing Savasana after the pose for rest body then do this for 30 sec to 2 Minutes only and after that Start next pose.
  • If you do Savasana for meditation purpose then you can this pose as long as you want. It can be 30 Minutes or 2 Hour.

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Beginner Guide.

If you feel uncomfortable your neck then you can use a small pillow under your head. This is an easy pose, everybody can do this pose easily without any problem.


Savasana Benefits 

  • Doing rest between the yoga session after perform pose is very important and Savasana is the perfect pose for relax and active the body after fatigue.
  • It repairs the body tissue and cells.
  • It helps to reduce the Anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
  • Remove negativity thinking and increase positivity.
  • Help to become in present and get rid of your unusual thoughts.
  • If you do this pose for a long time and focus only on breath then after some days practice you come to deep meditation state and start healing your body chakras.

Congratulations, now you become the master of Savasana (Corpse Pose).

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I take all references from the Yoga Guru (Teacher) Baba Ramdev Teaching.

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