How to do Ardha Halasana and Its Health Benefits

Ardha Halasana is the effective pose of yoga for fast losing abdominal fat and toned Legs. During this pose, You feel the tension in the abdominal which result is loose belly fat.

ardha halasana

How to do Ardha Halasana and its steps

Before starting, please watch the Ardha Halasana video for more understanding then read the following steps carefully, so you don’t make any mistake.



  • Lie flat on the back in Normal Position, Rest your hands and arms insides along Hips.
  • Take deep breath and release.
  • Start to lift your legs to 90 degrees slowly with a deep breath.
  • Make sure don’t bend knees during the lift legs.
  • Your hand and upper part of body stay rest on the floor.
  • Hold the position for 1-3 Seconds.
  • Down legs slowly with releasing the breath and come back to normal position.
  • Repeat the Pose again without rest.
  • For complete one cycle takes only 2 Breaths. First, inhale during the Lift legs and second exhale during back to normal position. Mean if you do this pose 5 times then you take only 10 breaths for a complete session.
  • Focus on your breath and body always.

Steps with One Leg

  • Lift one Leg and other leg rest on Floor, then repeat with second leg and first rest on the floor.
  • Perform with both legs one by one is called complete one cycle.
  • Breathing during one leg is same above both legs.


You can do this pose according to your capacity if you are healthy then do this pose 10-20 Times. If losing weight is your main focus then do according to your capacity, 20-50 times is normal. But go with your capacity and don’t force. Start alway with less in starting, 5-10 times is good.

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Beginner Guide.

When you do this pose you feel the tension in your abdominal which result is loose abdominal fat. But sometimes you do this pose over which result feel muscles pain in abdominal. To avoid this pain start with less 5-10 Times only then after one week increase slowly- slowly. You can’t avoid this Muscles pain completely for the first week.

If you are not able to lift your legs to 90 Degree then lift how much you can lift. If you can’t-do this pose without bend knee then slightly bend in starting.If you are still not able to this pose, then you do Ardha Halasana with one Leg.


Who don’t do

The first concern with your doctor if you have abdominal Injury.
Back Pain Patient do this pose only with one leg. Ardha Halasana will be beneficial in back pain if do with one leg.


Don’t perform immediately after the meal (Food). Take 2-3 Hour rest after the heavy meal. 1/2-1 Hour after light Meal like fruits or 15-20 Minute after 1 Glass of Water. Don’t take Meal for 30 Minutes after performing Yoga.


You don’t get the immediate result, continue this at least two weeks.You may not be comfortable in starting Because your body needs time to adopt this Pose. If after 2 Weeks you feel any specific problem in your Body then stop doing this Pose.

You can feel light pain or tension in your abdominal for the 1st week. It’s good sign mean this exercise do work. Start with less.

Ardha Halasana Benefits 

Ardha Halasana is the best pose for the Loose belly fat.
Toned Legs, Thighs and, Hips.
Remove Belly and Back Fat.
Make Abdominal and Back Healthy.
Improve blood flow and make body healthy and Energetic.
Good for the heart patient.
Beneficial for back pain Patient, Do only with one leg.
Good for breathing problems.
Good in Acidity.
Improve Digestion.
Make strong Intestine.

Congratulations, now you become the master of Ardha Halasana.

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I take all references from the Yoga Guru (Teacher) Baba Ramdev Teaching.

Note – Proper science working behind all the poses this pose tested and verified result by the Millions of People. This website focus on delivering only the true, best and correct information to you. We don’t post our article just by the reference of other websites and books, first tested by itself or practice by Million’s People.

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