How to do Chakrasana and its Health Benefits

Chakrasana is also called Wheel Pose or Urdva Dhanurasana. This is the most effective pose of yoga for restoring the flexibility of Spinal Cord. In this pose, stretch the body in an upward direction in a wheel shape or maintain balance on palm and feet.


How to do Chakrasana and its steps

Before starting, please watch the Chakrasana video for more understanding then read the following steps carefully, so you don’t make any mistake.


  • Lie down on your back.
  • Bring your feet to your buttocks and place your hands reverse, behind your shoulders.
  • Raise your body and chest with a deep breath, raise as much as possible and keep your body balance on your hands and feet only.
  • Hold the pose for some time and Breathe Gently
  • Leave the body to lose while coming down and back to normal position.
  • Take rest with 5-10 Deep Breaths and repeat pose again.


You can do this Chakrasana in two ways, first for the beginners and second for the advance but you can follow anyone in which you feel comfortable. 

Beginner – Hold the position for 20-30 Seconds and breathe gently. Repeat the Position for 3 Times.
Advance – Hold the position as long as you can hold and breathe gently. Hold for 1-2 Minutes. Do only one Cycle.

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Beginner’s guide

Chakrasan is a difficult one. It will take some time for you to learn it completely. Initially, if you can not do this posture completely, then do your best to try and gradually you will be able to achieve this posture.

If you are not able to lift your body and chest fully up and do not fully balance your body weight on your hands then try to do this pose as much as you can. It may be that when you start doing this pose, in the beginning, you feel burning Sensation in the lower part of your waist. If you feel burning or cracking sound then do not stretch too much your body upwards and stop immediately at that level and if you still feel irritation, then Stop doing this pose. If you are a too fat person then get help someone else to do this posture.


Who don’t do

  • The concern with your doctor if you have abdominal, Leg, Hip Injury.
  • High Blood Pressure Patient doesn’t do this.
  • Only healthy person do this pose


  • Don’t perform immediately after the meal (Food).
  • Take 2-3 Hour rest after the heavy meal. 1/2-1 Hour after light Meal like fruits or 15-20 Minute after 1 Glass of Water.
  • Don’t take Meal for 30 Minutes after performing Yoga.


After practising this asana you can feel the stretch in your waist for a few days. You don’t get the immediate result, continue this at least two weeks.You may not be comfortable in starting Because your body needs time to adopt this Pose. If after 2 Weeks you feel any specific problem in your Body then stop doing this Pose.


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Chakrasana Benefits

  • Chakrasana is the best pose for increase Hight.
  • Increase the Flexibility of Spine and Body.
  • Toned Legs, Thighs and, Hips.
  • Remove Belly and Back Fat.
  • Make Abdominal and Back Health.
  • Improve blood flow and make body healthy and Energetic.
  • Increase Activeness in Body.
  • Help in Lower Back Pain, Breathing Problems, Eyes Problems, Cervical and spondylitis.
  • Reduce the Lower Back Pain.
  • Strong and toned the Legs and Arms Mussules.
  • Help in Women Uterus problems.

Congratulations, now you become the master of Chakrasana.

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I take all references from the Yoga Guru (Teacher) Baba Ramdev Teaching.

Note – Proper science working behind all the poses this pose tested and verified result by the Millions of People. This website focus on delivering only the true, best and correct information to you. We don’t post our article just by the reference of other websites and books, first tested by itself or practice by Million’s People.

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